We race bikes, we run, we do triathlons, we compete, but we race for fun!


Sure, there are perks to being on a team in addition just getting to spend time with other rad individuals who like to wear lycra and drink coffee while wearing said lycra. There are the sponsor perks and stuff, but those are secondary (ok, sometimes, they're the best). Getting to be a part of a tight knit community of other masochists...that's what I'm talking about.


Looking to join our team?


What we're looking for in new members


We don’t charge membership fees! With that being said, we do have some basic requirements for being our racing team.

  • Race a minimum of 6 times a year with a goal of 10 races – local/grassroots, regional, state, national, and international events all count to the total. Teammates that reach 10 races will get free gear at the end of the year. We make exceptions to race minimums for people who are injured, have extenuating circumstances, and/or folks who participate in really expensive and time intensive events like Ironman or Leadville competitions.
  • Volunteering twice (2) for local events
  • Get one kit per year
  • Support your teammates - cheer/heckle at races, give rides, work the pit, take pics, etc..participation is key!

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