About 9seventy Racing Sponsors

As amateur athletes, most of us have families, have jobs. We spend our hard-earned dollars to line up at events, whether its for travel, or entry fees and registrations, or equipment. We're looking to partner with companies out there that will support us in the context of our mission, and we can in turn, support those companies.

Of course, any assistance we receive - through financial support, equipment discounts, and the like - is very welcome. But that's what WE get out of sponsorship arrangements.

As a sponsor, what do YOU get out of supporting 9seventy Racing?

The biggest benefit is exposure. Visibility on social media? Check. Talking about product at events - being de facto brand ambassadors? Check. Graphics on our team kits and at our tent at events? Check. 

Of course, our racers are successful in their disciplines at many levels, and cover a wide range of events. Can we promise wins? Nope. But exposure to a wider audience, at the grassroots level, can only help your marketing efforts.

Interested? To partner with the athletes of 9seventy Racing, click here!

Title Sponsors

Title sponsorship is reserved for those that contribute $1500 or more annually, in direct financial support or complimentary product for use.

Team Partners

Team Partners are companies that provide any level of support for the team, including pricing discounts on product and/or services, complimentary product for use, or direct financial support.


Centennial Archaeology

ERGON Bike Ergonomics

First Endurance

JVA Consulting Engineers

Pateros Creek Brewing Company

Pearl Izumi

Peloton Cycles